Qmetrics’ Quantitative Cartilage Defect Fill Volume and T2 Relaxation Time Evaluation of Long Term Outcome of a Cartilage Defect Therapy Published in the Journal, Applied Sciences

QNotes, Vol. 9, Issue 7

An article entitled, “Follow-Up Study Evaluating the Long Term Outcome of ChondroMimetic in the Treatment of Osteochondral Defects in the Knee,” was published in a special issue of Applied Sciences, 14 August 2020. Among the authors is Saara Totterman, MD, PhD, of Qmetrics Technologies. 

The article reviews the efficacy of the ChondroMimetic treatment of articular cartilage damage at 7.9 years of treatment. Dr. Totterman was involved in the image analysis of the original study of ChondroMimetic and the long term outcome assessment, using advanced quantitative measurements of defect fill volume and tissue composition. 

The conclusion of the study states, “Treatment of osteochondral defects in the knee with the ChondroMimetic scaffold was associated with a consistently high degree of filling with a cartilage-like repair tissue over a long-term (7.9 year) follow-up period, improved clinical scores, and noted lack of donor site morbidity, underscoring potential benefits of a cell-free, single step scaffold from both a clinical and a health economic standpoint.”

This publication adds to the large body of scientific work, more than 150 papers, presentations, chapters, and books, to which Dr. Totterman has contributed. The article can be accessed online