Clinical Trial Support

People. Passion. Process.

Why Choose Qmetrics to Support Your Clinical Trial?

“The mission of Qmetrics Technologies is to improve healthcare and accelerate the access of improved healthcare worldwide by developing and applying new medical imaging technology for healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, remembering always that our ultimate customers are people who use medicines and medical equipment to improve their health.”

Qmetrics Guiding Mission

There is, of course, the extensive list of projects that Qmetrics and its team have successfully supported, ranging from pre-clinical studies to regulatory facing, pivotal trials for customers worldwide over the course of several decades. More than just our experience, our people bring passion and process to each new project.

Our experts in radiology, radiomics, and AI/machine learning are available to collaborate with you directly. Our team has trained and supported imaging sites and studies worldwide. With Qmetrics, our experts are engaged in each trial to achieve the optimum outcome.

With Qmetrics, you receive direct access to and input from international luminaries, Dr. Saara Totterman and Dr. José Tamez-Peña. For decades, Dr. Totterman has pursued innovation in radiology – she holds multiple patents on pulse sequences and has helped designed coils. Her drive to precisely assess mouse knee cartilage in a clinical scanner drove her to create a custom knee coil design.

Qmetrics adheres to diligent processes honed over time to achieve optimal outcomes for trials. We pioneered the concept of image data curation – optimizing image data to to capture the best evidence of therapeutic effect, and standardizing the data collected across various imaging sites and equipment/available sequences. We employ technology to gain efficiency, standardization, and traceability of activity.