Wouldn’t You Want to Know…

The risk for your breast cancer returning?

How long before your elderly loved one will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

How long before you can safely return to athletics after a concussion injury?

Qmetrics Thinks You’d Like to Know, Too.

Qmetrics’ DiscernAI™ Signatures improve data analyses through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). DiscernAI’s data mining platform includes proprietary software and a growing catalogue of machine learning-based “signatures.” The DiscernAI platform has been developed over many years by Qmetrics’ imaging and data science experts.

Qmetrics’ proprietary software has the deep learning capability that through AI can extract data and measurements, that, with enough data gathered, may predict disease progression or track therapeutic benefits of treatments. The end result is our software’s ability to develop biomarkers of disease onset and progression, as well as staging.  This capability may also allow us to monitor therapy efficacy.  The data mining and AI capabilities possible allow Qmetrics to delve even deeper into injuries or disease, seeing far beyond the surface of traditional knowledge.