Post-Concussive Syndrome Index

Return to pre-injury activity with confidence with the PCS Index

Using a routine neurological MRI study, we can provide physicians with objective information about the probability of post-concussive brain abnormalities shown on a brain scan.

Using radiomics, or mathematical algorithms measuring three-dimensional signal patterns and textures in the MRI data and AI to discover the radiomic features present in post-concussive patients, but not in patients without diagnosed brain injuries, Qmetrics was able to build a formula to identify post-concussive microtrauma, the Post-Concussive Syndrome Index, a number between zero and one derived from multiple 3D features of a single conventional MRI exam that provides an objective indicator of post-concussive microtrauma severity. The higher the number, the more severe the post-concussive injury.

We are expert at extracting meaningful information from medical images using algorithms to precisely detect and measure physiology that may be impossible to see via observation. These three-dimensional patterns, textures and data signals are often a combination of factors from different imaging series and clinical data that together provide the answer to your questions. Contact us today and let us help you discover answers to your most important questions.