MRI Quality Management

“Quality is generally transparent when present, but easily recognized in its absence.”

Alan Gillies

This is a tenet that Qmetrics holds well to in all of its work. We know high precision analysis requires high quality data. Particularly if data will be analyzed using AI, harmonization of image data across all sites is critical.

Qmetrics offers products and services to improve the quality of image data collected at trial sites which in turn provides optimized analytical results from that data.  

Site Selection and Qualification

  • Thorough site qualification is crucial to ensure the best quality image data is captured. Qmetrics’ site selection process includes:
    • Site questionnaire submitted to show site’s imaging equipment (MRI protocol is written based on the site’s approved questionnaire)
    • MRI & X-Ray Image acquisition training session via live web presentation
    • Image upload training to use Qmetrics web portal via live web presentation
    • UAL phantom scan submitted and approved (for MRI sites only)
    • Volunteer scan submitted and approved (for MRI sites only)

Qmetrics Footrest

  • Qmetrics footrest is designed to provide a secure anchor for patients’ feet to be taped during an imaging study, reducing any “wiggling,” which may compromise the quality of the scan. 
  • Watch this video to learn more. The Footrest can be purchased for $125 USD, plus shipping and any applicable taxes. 
  • Contact Us to inquire about purchasing.

UAL Phantom

  • Designed by the experts at Qmetrics to ensure ease of use:
    • Large filling ports, handles, and seamless tub
    • Lightweight and includes easy ship box
  • The UAL phantom is filled with distilled water and scanned by the proposed study MRI machine. The images will reveal whether that magnet has any coil performance issues or geometric distortions that may affect analysis results
  • The UAL Phantom rents for $750, but can also be purchased for $1,750 USD, plus shipping and any applicable taxes.

To learn how to properly use the UAL Phantom, download the guide.

Qmetrics T2 Phantom Belt

  • Adds T2 relaxation time signal markers 
  • Belt contains 5 small vials with varying copper sulfate solution calibrated for T2 values of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 60ms
  • Adjustable Velcro-close belt
  • Supports standardization of data acquired on multiple scanners
  • The T2 Phantom Belt can be purchased for $1,500 USD, plus shipping and any applicable taxes. Contact Us to inquire about purchasing.