mTBI Signature

Return to your pre-injury activity with confidence.

Using a routine neurological MRI study, we can provide physicians with objective information about the probability of post-concussive brain abnormalities shown on a brain scan. 

DiscernAI improves data analyses through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). DiscernAI’s data mining platform includes proprietary software and a growing catalogue of machine learning-based “signatures.” The DiscernAI platform has been developed over many years by Qmetrics’ imaging and data science experts.

Using radiomics, or mathematical algorithms measuring three-dimensional signal patterns and textures in the MRI data and AI to discover the radiomic features present in post-concussive patients, but not in patients without diagnosed brain injuries, Qmetrics was able to build a formula to identify post-concussive microtrauma. With the DiscernAI mTBI Signature, Qmetrics developed the Concussion Index, a number between zero and one derived from multiple 3D features of a single conventional MRI exam that provides an objective indicator of post-concussive microtrauma severity. The higher the number, the more severe the post-concussive injury.

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