mTBI Signature

Return to your pre-injury activity with confidence.

Using a routine neurological MRI study, we can provide your physician with objective information about the probability of post-concussive brain abnormalities shown on your brain scan. We can also provide information about the probable length of time it will take for your brain scan to appear normal.

DiscernAI improves data analyses through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). DiscernAI’s data mining platform includes proprietary software and a growing catalogue of machine learning-based “signatures.” The DiscernAI platform has been developed over many years by Qmetrics’ imaging and data science experts.

Qmetrics has used AI to develop an ability to detect post-concussive abnormalities from routine MRI exams.  Qmetrics’ algorithm is able to see what radiologists cannot because it detects subtle patterns, textures, and morphology in 3D from multiple MRI series simultaneously.

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