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View a 3D Cartilage Thickness Graft in Motion

Click Above to View a 3D Cartilage Thickness Model in Motion

A Worldwide Leader in Medical Imaging Analysis

Qmetrics Technologies provides a powerful combination of scientific and medical expertise and the most advanced 3D and quantitative medical image analyses available. Our feature extraction and segmentation techniques provide a unique look into the human body. Our proprietary, automated methods transform 2D MR images into colorful, 3D models of anatomic structures, which can be quantitated and manipulated for a greater understanding of disease and injury. Qmetrics applies deep learning methodologies in medical image analysis to solve scientific and clinical challenges, and to aid in biomarker development. Qmetrics automated processes’ allow clients to more cost-efficiently determine therapeutic efficacy of their products and improve clinical trials with precise, reliable and measurable results.

Qmetrics’ product line includes Kuvia3D® which received FDA 510(k) clearance.


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